50 Creative Christmas Cakes Too Cool to Eat

Cake design has taken on a life of its own with creative wedding cakes and even geek-themed cakes turning heads in many important functions. It’s no different for Christmas, in fact, in this post we will be looking at 50 creative Christmas cakes that help spread the Christmas cheers.

Some of the cakes listed below are made by professional cakemakers while others are homemade (and thus come with a recipe or decoration instructions). See penguins, mittens, Christmas trees, snowy mountains, glitter, cand and more in all its glory.

Which cake do you like the most and which you would like to try to make? Let us know in the comments.

IMAGE: Martha Stewart

IMAGE: Woman’s Weekly

IMAGE: Mary Berry

IMAGE: The Kitchen McCabe

IMAGE: Catherine Thomas

IMAGE: Chocolate & Carrots

IMAGE: Marlene – CakeHeaven

IMAGE: Alina Vaganova

IMAGE: Callie Hobbs Photography

IMAGE: The Cupcake Gallery

IMAGE: Yersinia pestis

IMAGE: Joanne McDonald

IMAGE: Sweet Things Cake Company

IMAGE: Cristina Campanaro

IMAGE: Call Me Cupcake

IMAGE: Raspberri Cupcakes

IMAGE: Sprinkle Bakes

IMAGE: La Pêche Fraîche

IMAGE: Betty Crocker

IMAGE: Galatia

IMAGE: KimmysKakes

IMAGE: Sweet As Sugar

IMAGE: Debbie Curtis

IMAGE: Cakes Honor Plate

IMAGE: Davide Minetti

IMAGE: Cuisine moi un mouton

IMAGE: my name is yeh

IMAGE: Tortentante

IMAGE: Fräeulein Klein

IMAGE: Paula-Jane Bourke

IMAGE: De Koekenbakkers

IMAGE: Tortentante

IMAGE: Tortentante

IMAGE: Sweet Disposition Cakes

IMAGE: Oakleaf Cakes

IMAGE: Andrea Sullivan

IMAGE: Raspberri Cupcakes

IMAGE: Lori Hynes

IMAGE: Style Sweet CA

IMAGE: Kirstin

IMAGE: Cakes.com

IMAGE: thecakegirl

IMAGE: Cakes.com

IMAGE: Cakes.com

IMAGE: Its A Cake Thing (Jho)

IMAGE: Wilton

IMAGE: Wilton

IMAGE: fashioncooking

IMAGE: Paula Chammas

IMAGE: The Cake Engineer