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free fonts 2020 manrope

There’s nothing like creating an amazing design that your client loves, while also saving some money in the process.

You don’t have to compromise on the quality of the fonts you choose, just because you’re not paying the big bucks for them.

Better yet, why pay for fonts at all when there are some really great ones out there that are ready for you to use for free?

10 Free Fonts That’ll Change Your Life

I’m going to introduce you to your new best friends, aka 10 open source fonts that’ll spice up all your designs in 2020.

You ready to do this? Cause I am.

Let’s jump right into it.

1. Manrope

We’re going to start today’s list of 10 free fonts with Manrope.

I’ve mentions this font before, but that’s only because it’s my all time favorite.

It’s modern, it’s sleek, it’s everything you want in a free font.

It’s versatility is what really hits home for me and that’s why I recommend that you start incorporating it into all your new designs.

2. Inter

You might’ve seen Inter take a step into the scene as of recent, and I truly believe it’s here to stay.

Inter has become a staple font for many, so don’t be the exception! Add this font to your collection and start adding it to your design projects right away.

3. Public Sans

I can’t lie, I love a good sans serif font.

But what’s special about this font is that it was developed for the US government and is all over their websites and is a huge part of their design.

It looks very similar to another open-source font that you may know of, Libre Franklin.

4. Alice

It’s time to step away from the sans serif, and into the serifs.

When I saw the type-face Alice, I knew it was going to have a new and special spot in my font collection.

Alice is a very unique serif font, which seems kinda old-fashioned, but at the same time, pretty modern.

You can find this font on Google-fonts!

5. Urbanist

Another one of my all time favorite free fonts is Urbanist.

This geometric sans serif is most definitely a modern font that can be used in a variety of different projects.

From logos, to headlines, this font is perfect to add to your colelction of fonts.

What are you waiting for? Go and download it now!

6. Evolventa

Were you surprised when you saw another modern sans serif?

Me either.

Evolventa is a Cyrillic extension of the open-source URW Gothic L font family.

7. Object Sans

If this font isn’t eye-catching, I don’t know what is.

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of Swiss neo-grotesks and geometric fonts, then Object Sans is the one for you.

This font is perfect to replace any of those pricey fonts, because it looks just as good as the rest of them.

8. Lunchtype

I love a good back-story to any font that I use, and Lunchtype has one of the best.

The designer who created this font created it during a lunch break on 100-day project.

We love a good lunch-break, and I can’t deny that that’s when some of my best ideas come to me.

Food is life, and so is an amazing font.

9. Work Sans

What’s cuter than a good font and a hedgehog?

I’ll answer that for you.


Absolutely nothing.

10. Monoid

And finally, we’ve come to our last free font, which is Monoid.

Monoid is another great font that we know you’ll love and be using on the daily, if you code.

“The clever thing about Monoid is that it has font-awesome built into it, which they call Monoisome. This means when writing code, you can pop a few icons in there easily. Monoid looks just as great when you’re after highly readable website body text.”

Let us know in the comments which font was your favorite of this list and which ones you’ll be incoporating into your daily design life.

Until next time,

Stay creative folks!

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15 Amazing Lego Re-Imagined Star Wars Scenes

For some of us, Lego may be those indestructable landmines found on staircases and in the kids’ toy room. But use them right, and it turns into something magical — e.g. movie-themed Lego builds, mega Lego construction, or cool Lego robots — almost incredible at times. But you haven’t seen Lego like this yet.

Both a Star Wars and Lego fan, Vesa Lehtimäki has been pushing his photography and Photoshop skills to the limit since 2009. His skillful lighting and obsession with detail has created a series of impressive Lego-built Star Wars scenes, good enough to look like they were from a million-dollar movie budget. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

35 Lego Mega Constructions You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Before

35 Lego Mega Constructions You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Before

It’s pretty amazing how piles of colorful plastic bricks can build wonders when they are attached together. Lego… Read more

A Pilot’s Dream
a pilot's dream
The Thing With Old Machines
the thing with old machines
Last Ship to Rendezvous Point
last ship to rendezvous point
Bossk Has To Go
bossk has to go
Bossk’s Cool Day Out
bossk's cool day out
Sand Speeder Bike With Sand Scout
sand speeder bike with sand scout
Snowspeeder Knock-Over Mission
snowspeeder knock-over mission
Breaking In The Tauntaun
breaking in the tauntaun
The Derelict
the derelict
Moonlight Shadow
moonlight shadow
Things That Go Bump In The Night
things that go bump in night
Rancor’s Pit
rancor's pit
The Falcon and the Snowman
the falcon and the snowman
Stormtrooper’s Perpetual Winter
stormtrooper's perpetual winter
Early Morning Scout Patrol
early morning scout patrol

There’s more where these came from so be sure to check out Vesa Lehtimäki’s Flickr portfolio for more of this HD Lego Star Wars experience and a behind the scenes look into how every photo came to be.

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20 Amazing Examples of Neumorphism – New Design Trends 2020

Ah, Neumorphism. We love to see it.

Neumorphism is my favorite design trend thus far in 2020 and it’ll take a lot to surpass it.

We’ve been seeing it a lot lately, and we stan.

What is Neumorphism?

Neumorphism is a new modern graphic design technique that is a combination of skeuomorphism, flat design, and realism.


Neumorphism is actually a play on words that means New Skeuomorphism.

If you’re not familiar with the term skeuomorphism, well, think of the old version of Apple, before they had all their sleek, minimalist, and modern updates.


Skeuomorphism is the design concept of making items represented resemble their real-world counterparts. Skeuomorphism is commonly used in many design fields, including user interface (UI) and Web design, architecture, ceramics, and interior design. Skeuomorphism contrasts with flat design, a simpler graphic style. [source]

Neumorphism, on the other hand, takes all of the best qualities of skeuomorphism and combines it with flat design.

Which gives us my favorite design trend of all time.

It’s like when you see neumorphism on an app, you actually think you’re going to touch it and experience it in real life.

It’s the craziest feeling, and that’s probably why I love it so much.

30 Examples of Neumorphism Done Right

I want to show you guys my top favorite examples of neumorphism that I found on Dribbble, so let’s have at it.







I know I love neumorphism, but I want to know what you think about it!

Let me know in the comments if you think this new trend is a vibe, or if you’re onto a whole different trend.

Until next time,

Stay creative, everybody!

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From Toilet Roll To Paper Art: 12 Amazing Examples

If your creativity is wild, no medium is a limitation. This fact is exceptionally true with Anastassia Elias, a french artist who collects toilet rolls and turns them into great works of unbelievable art. You read it right, toilet roll. And not only is the choice of medium odd, but the way they are worked into incredible depictions of life is also freakier.

Let’s take a short stroll through a small version of this artist’s art gallery with these 12 sculptures that show how creative the roll can go. You’ll never look at your empty toilet paper roll the same way again.

30 Creative Paper Art Designs

30 Creative Paper Art Designs

Designers amaze us with their talent and creativity when we see various logos, landing pages and banners. However,… Read more


I bet you didn’t expect to find a child swinning from a tree in a toilet roll. The shapes are simple, but they are more than enough to convey life.


What’s the secret that makes the world inside the roll look so lively? Answer – the backlit!

Horse Racing

Anastassia Elias is not limited to the limited space inside a roll; in fact she even turns it into an advantage with half-depicted figures. Also I like the sense of motion expressed here.

horse racing

Well, howdy cowboys. Silhouette shapes actually leave their details for the viewers to fantasize about. What story did you come up with, when you see these cowboy silhouettes?

Circus Jugglers

The act of juggling is made precise with the right shapes and positioning in this particular sculpture.

circus jugglers
Amusement Park

A whole amusement park comes alive here! The lesson of th day: think out of the roll.

amusement park

Perhaps it is too much to ask for rain but those peopel really look like they are trying to get out of the rain. The two in the background sharing the same umbrella is oh-so lifelike.


They really look like they are mining this toilet roll for what it’s worth, with their feet embedded in the rubble.

Holiday Night

On a lighter note, the paper trees are formed using tweezers, and concentrated patience. The outcome is natural and relaxing.

holiday night

It’s a zoo in here. Visitors are kept outside of the enclosure with a thin bar but you can see how excited they are to see the giraffes.


It’s not just the ground, you can build any world inside the roll. Also this incredible version makes the fish fly in mid-air.


And here lies the secret of how she does it. Anastassia uses paper of same color to blend the paper figure into the roll seamlessly. Everything else that makes the sculpture come alive is based on her ingenuity and attention to detail.


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Water Photo Manipulation: 28 Amazing Water Artworks

How many times you’d really take a serious look at water? As human who inhabits in the mother Earth, we see the water everywhere. It’s one of the most important assets to keep us alive, yet it looks so common that we treat it like transparent thing, until some unusual artist realized the beauty of the water, and converted it into immense visual art.

In this showcase we’re not gonna persuade you the inner beauty of water, but showing you how beautiful, elegant and impressive water can be. After all, water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water. There is no art without water. Enjoy the art of water, the element that builds up the life.

Anfitrite – The Origin of the Flood

An elegant and mythical work inspired by the myth of Amphitrite, the sea-goddess and the wife of Poseidon

(Image source: I Think Graphic)

anfitrite - the origin of the flood

Splendid! What really amazes me is how the author manipulates the photo into this brilliant work, you can also view its step by step case study

(Image source: Aleksei Kostjuk)

Barcadi – The Original Mojito

Originally a project for XRS/Barcadi – Martini Poland, this luxurious work has successfully advertised the drink and its brand

(Image source: Peter Jaworowski & Bartek Rozbicki)

barcadi the original mojito
Candle Water

Can the water light the darkness? I’m not quite sure after I saw this creative work done by Platinum

(Image source: Platinum)

candle water
Stove Water

What can water cooks? Love the way the water mimics the movement of the stove fire, 100% alike

(Image source: Platinum)

stove water
Lighter Water

A good lighter for helping you to quit the smoking, the water drops on the lighter are really epic

(Image source: Platinum)

lighter water
Chocolate Milk Honey

Really love the color and splashes, yummy!

(Image source: Platinum)

chocolate milk honey
Chocolate Milk Strawberry

Seriously saying, apply colors on water while maintaining its nature is a daunting job, but Platinum gets the job done perfectly

(Image source: Platinum)

chocolate milk strawberry
Coca Cola

Coca cola’s advertisement never fails to make people feel thirsty! Its water drop effect is priceless

(Image source: Platinum)

coca cola
Eye With Water-splash

How can you not be impressed with this masterpiece?

(Image source: Zsidi Gyula Róbert)

eye with water splash

A spectacular and famous manipulation work done by Nik Ainley, you can view its Behance page to get more detail

(Image source: Nik Ainley)

Going Wet

Another quality manipulation work by Lucas Honscha Garcia, the hand part is the winning point

(Image source: Lucas Honscha Garcia)

going wet
Guinness: Good Fortune

It’s a Chinese word with the meaning, “Good Fortune”. Real stout was used to form the shapes of the splashes

(Image source: Soon Tong)

guinness good fortune
Guitar Splash

Rock it, water! Very good use of splashes to express the rocking feel of the photo

(Image source: Gest0ert)

guitar splash
Liquid Serpent

“This is a photo manipulation I did compose of several different water stock images. I was trying to achieve a certain balance between photorealism and surrealism.”

(Image source: Mario Escobar)

liquid serpent
Splash n’ Lights

Water deserves the lights and attention as it keeps every creature alive by drinking it, a beautiful work

(Image source: TearDropps)

splash n lights
The Flood

A charming piece done by R&R Finn, after the noise reduction and the removing of several dust/drop spots

(Image source: R&R Finn)

the flood
The Last Airbender: Water

The water tribe symbol inspired from the movie, The Last Airbender, impressive!

(Image source: darksidedesigner)

the last airbender water

“Unique by ouwEnz is well…unique! A great concept and brilliant execution make for quite an interesting work of art!” – cosmosue

(Image source: ouwEnz)

Water Dragon

What a terrific dragon and work done by an art master

(Image source: André Castro)

water dragon
Water Fish

Can you see the fish on the spoon? Yes or no, this piece is simply gorgeous

(Image source: angelitonegro)

water fish
Water Flower

Water flower + neon color = ultimately cool!

(Image source: Nikolay Razuev)

water flower
Water For Fire

Speechless on this one, two thumbs up!

(Image source: igorms)

water for fire
Water Is Life

Great and impactful advertisement with lively water flower. Water is precious, that’s true

(Image source: Martin Grohs)

water is life
Water Nuclear Bomb

This piece is really bombing my mind, awesome and inspiring!

(Image source: alifaan)

water nuclear bomb
Water Style

Seriously stunning work by Vigan Tafili which features the Chinese word, “Water”. There are also “Fire”, “Earth” and “Wind” version available in its Behance page!

(Image source: Vigan Tafili)

water style


I must say I was really impressed by the beauty and the quality of these manipulation works or pure digital artworks. But surprisingly, there aren’t so many artworks which implement water as their main theme, maybe it’s because the water is just too common, therefore it sounds hard to make it look unique.

But what you can see from this post? Even the common can become the uncommon, so there’s really no boundary when it comes to art, the only limitation is your creativity and skill, and you need more inspiration! Inspire us more by sharing the unusual water artwork you spotted, let us witness more beauty of the water!

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