10 Best Photo Gallery & Slideshow WordPress Plugins

For any portfolio or image-oriented website running on WordPress, it is imperative to have a photo gallery and slideshow plugin. They allow you to showcase your images and video content and add different features.

If you’re confused about the many choices in the market, we took out some of the best photo gallery and slideshow plugins for WordPress. Each plugin comes with a different set of features and attributes and you can learn about them in the following.

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LayerSlider features more than just an image slider that allows you to create compelling popups as well. It offers more than 100 templates for image sliders, 90 for the popups templates, and over 200 built-in transition FX.

Finally, LayerSlider also provides an API that enables developers to extend the plugin to add custom features beyond the built-ins.


Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a powerful plugin that offers many features to build sophisticated image sliders without needing to know how to code.

The plugin provides more than 200 templates, 20+ add-ons to spice up your image slider with special FX, and a full-fledged editor to compose your own slider with advanced settings to manage the keyframes, animations, etc.

Slider Revolution

Jetpack Carousel

It’s a bundled feature inside Jetpack that you can enable through the plugin setting. The feature is light and is pretty straightforward to use. You can include images from the WordPress Media Manager, customize the title, the caption, and the description of each image.

Additionally, with this plugin, you can show the EXIF metadata and even enable comments to allow people to comment on the image.

Jetpack Carouse

Meow Gallery

A simple WordPress plugin designed for photographers or photo enthusiasts to build gallery and image slider. The plugin includes a Block as well as Shortcode that allows you to include a gallery in both the Gutenberg and Classic editor. It’s responsive, performant, and provides a number of beautiful built-in layouts.

Meow Gallery


Built with performance in mind, FooGallery is a great photo gallery plugin. The developer has done a great job of optimizing the plugin front-end codes that leads to a better score on the latest Google Core Web Vitals requirements. It is responsive, loads fast, Gutenberg ready, and offers lots of other features.


WP Modula

Whether you’re a casual WordPress user, hobbyist, photographer, or developer, you can build a beautiful image slider in minutes using the WP Modula plugin.

It supports features beyond just adding image slider and galleries; you can, for example, edit the EXIF data of the image, add watermark, include videos on the same gallery set, add right-click protection, and a lot more.

WP Modula

Corefortress Simple Slider

This plugin makes creating a beautiful slider easy. You can add any image or video from the WordPress media library or directly upload them from your computer.

The plugin also features some pre-built styles and templates. But it also allows you to customize the slider including the heading, button, colors on every image to make the slider yours and your site unique.

Corefortress Simple Slider

Envira Gallery Lite

Envira Gallery is an easy-to-use, fast, and powerful plugin to build an image slider for your WordPress site. It allows you to build the image slider with drag-n-drop.

On top of that, you can customize the built-in templates or create your own. It’s also built with performance in mind; both the front-end and the back-end are carefully optimized.

Envira Gallery Lite

Gallery by Supsystic

This plugin offers a lot of features and flexibility to build an image slider on your WordPress site. Not only that you can include image and video, but you can also include post feed into the gallery, add captions, and add social media icons — to name a few.

The plugin also provides a couple of advanced features like the ability to set the image from FTP or social media, and integration to CDN.

Gallery by Supsystic

Master Slider

Master Slider is a plugin with extensive features to offer that both users and developers will appreciate. It provides an intuitive interface and some pre-built templates that allow users to create image sliders easily.

For developers, the plugin provides the tool to import and export slider and API to extend the plugin. The slider is compatible up to IE8+ and all the modern browsers.

Master Slider

Smart Slider

This plugin features a beautiful custom editor that allows you to create a unique image slider. You can add posts, images, and videos including videos from Youtube and Vimeo into the image slider. You can compose text, buttons, and images atop each slide to make it look more compelling.

The plugin also displays great compatibility with the WordPress ecosystem as it supports many page builders, it also works with the Multisite setup, and well-integrated with various WordPress admin interfaces such as the Media Manager, Widget, and Shortcode.

Smart Slider


One of the most-used slider plugins, MetaSlider, supports different types of slideshows like Flex Slider 2, Nivo Slider, Responsive Slides, and Coin Slider. Few of its exceptional features include drag-and-drop slide rearrangement, full-width support, and multiple slideshow configuration options.


Soliloquy Lite

This plugin runs a smart slider, loading the CSS and JS only when the slide is displayed within the post. Your posts and pages will load faster with this plugin compared to the other plugins mentioned here. The slider is responsive, touch-enabled, and built with SEO in mind.

Soliloquy Lite Cover

NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is one of the most popular WordPress gallery plugins around. It allows batch uploading and management of image galleries, slideshow, thumbnail style galleries, and editing of thumbnails.

It also allows one to turn group galleries into albums and various other features that can really give a striking look to one ‘s website.

NextGEN Gallery

Slider by 10Web

Slider by WD supports displaying images as well as videos from YouTube and Vimeo along with transition effects and layer support. It offers image watermarking support, full-width sliders, and various customization options. However, video support is available only in the premium version.


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Water Photo Manipulation: 28 Amazing Water Artworks

How many times you’d really take a serious look at water? As human who inhabits in the mother Earth, we see the water everywhere. It’s one of the most important assets to keep us alive, yet it looks so common that we treat it like transparent thing, until some unusual artist realized the beauty of the water, and converted it into immense visual art.

In this showcase we’re not gonna persuade you the inner beauty of water, but showing you how beautiful, elegant and impressive water can be. After all, water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water. There is no art without water. Enjoy the art of water, the element that builds up the life.

Anfitrite – The Origin of the Flood

An elegant and mythical work inspired by the myth of Amphitrite, the sea-goddess and the wife of Poseidon

(Image source: I Think Graphic)

anfitrite - the origin of the flood

Splendid! What really amazes me is how the author manipulates the photo into this brilliant work, you can also view its step by step case study

(Image source: Aleksei Kostjuk)

Barcadi – The Original Mojito

Originally a project for XRS/Barcadi – Martini Poland, this luxurious work has successfully advertised the drink and its brand

(Image source: Peter Jaworowski & Bartek Rozbicki)

barcadi the original mojito
Candle Water

Can the water light the darkness? I’m not quite sure after I saw this creative work done by Platinum

(Image source: Platinum)

candle water
Stove Water

What can water cooks? Love the way the water mimics the movement of the stove fire, 100% alike

(Image source: Platinum)

stove water
Lighter Water

A good lighter for helping you to quit the smoking, the water drops on the lighter are really epic

(Image source: Platinum)

lighter water
Chocolate Milk Honey

Really love the color and splashes, yummy!

(Image source: Platinum)

chocolate milk honey
Chocolate Milk Strawberry

Seriously saying, apply colors on water while maintaining its nature is a daunting job, but Platinum gets the job done perfectly

(Image source: Platinum)

chocolate milk strawberry
Coca Cola

Coca cola’s advertisement never fails to make people feel thirsty! Its water drop effect is priceless

(Image source: Platinum)

coca cola
Eye With Water-splash

How can you not be impressed with this masterpiece?

(Image source: Zsidi Gyula Róbert)

eye with water splash

A spectacular and famous manipulation work done by Nik Ainley, you can view its Behance page to get more detail

(Image source: Nik Ainley)

Going Wet

Another quality manipulation work by Lucas Honscha Garcia, the hand part is the winning point

(Image source: Lucas Honscha Garcia)

going wet
Guinness: Good Fortune

It’s a Chinese word with the meaning, “Good Fortune”. Real stout was used to form the shapes of the splashes

(Image source: Soon Tong)

guinness good fortune
Guitar Splash

Rock it, water! Very good use of splashes to express the rocking feel of the photo

(Image source: Gest0ert)

guitar splash
Liquid Serpent

“This is a photo manipulation I did compose of several different water stock images. I was trying to achieve a certain balance between photorealism and surrealism.”

(Image source: Mario Escobar)

liquid serpent
Splash n’ Lights

Water deserves the lights and attention as it keeps every creature alive by drinking it, a beautiful work

(Image source: TearDropps)

splash n lights
The Flood

A charming piece done by R&R Finn, after the noise reduction and the removing of several dust/drop spots

(Image source: R&R Finn)

the flood
The Last Airbender: Water

The water tribe symbol inspired from the movie, The Last Airbender, impressive!

(Image source: darksidedesigner)

the last airbender water

“Unique by ouwEnz is well…unique! A great concept and brilliant execution make for quite an interesting work of art!” – cosmosue

(Image source: ouwEnz)

Water Dragon

What a terrific dragon and work done by an art master

(Image source: André Castro)

water dragon
Water Fish

Can you see the fish on the spoon? Yes or no, this piece is simply gorgeous

(Image source: angelitonegro)

water fish
Water Flower

Water flower + neon color = ultimately cool!

(Image source: Nikolay Razuev)

water flower
Water For Fire

Speechless on this one, two thumbs up!

(Image source: igorms)

water for fire
Water Is Life

Great and impactful advertisement with lively water flower. Water is precious, that’s true

(Image source: Martin Grohs)

water is life
Water Nuclear Bomb

This piece is really bombing my mind, awesome and inspiring!

(Image source: alifaan)

water nuclear bomb
Water Style

Seriously stunning work by Vigan Tafili which features the Chinese word, “Water”. There are also “Fire”, “Earth” and “Wind” version available in its Behance page!

(Image source: Vigan Tafili)

water style


I must say I was really impressed by the beauty and the quality of these manipulation works or pure digital artworks. But surprisingly, there aren’t so many artworks which implement water as their main theme, maybe it’s because the water is just too common, therefore it sounds hard to make it look unique.

But what you can see from this post? Even the common can become the uncommon, so there’s really no boundary when it comes to art, the only limitation is your creativity and skill, and you need more inspiration! Inspire us more by sharing the unusual water artwork you spotted, let us witness more beauty of the water!

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80+ Useful Photoshop Actions For Photo Enhancements

Adobe Photoshop is not just a tool to create and manipulate designs and images. The software also offers some really helpful features to enhance productivity. One of these useful features are the Photoshop actions that help automate certain cumbersome and repetitive tasks.

As a designer never gets enough of these little automated processes, here is a long list of useful Photoshop actions. These actions range from photo enhancement, adding filters and effects and giving different color tones to the images. Feel free to download and use the ones you find potentially helpful for your projects.

Fairy action by meganjoy

Photoshop Fairy action

Mystical light by meganjoy

Mystical light Photoshop action

Sweet pixie by meganjoy

Sweet pixie Photoshop Action

Free Color Pop by shutterpulse

Free Color Pop Photoshop Action

Nightmare by shutterpulse

Free Nightmare Photoshop Action

Summer Haze by photographypla.net

Free Summer Haze Photoshop Action

Matte photographypla.net

Free Matte Photoshop Action

Vibrant by exposureempire.com

Free Vibrant Photoshop Action

Matte by shutterpulse

Free Matte Photoshop Action

Desert Dustn by brusheezy

Desert Dust Photoshop Actions

Sunken Sunlight by brusheezy

Sunken Sunlight Photoshop Action

Matte by exposureempire

Free Matte Photoshop Action

Blue Evening by photographypla.net

Free Blue Evening Photoshop Action

Dreamy rose by meganjoy

Dreamy rose Photoshop Action

Faded Film by presetkingdom.com

Free Faded Film Photoshop Action

Action pack #33 by miss-etikate

Photoshop Action 33

Marshmallow by meganjoy

Photoshop Marshmallow Actions

Old Film by loadedlandscapes.com

Olf Films

Soft pastel by meganjoy

Photoshop Soft pastel Actions

Yellow Mood by brusheezy

Yellow Mood Photoshop Action

Vintage Light Leak by shutterpulse

Free Vintage Light Leak Photoshop Action

Intensity by loadedlandscapes.com

Free Intensity Photoshop Action

Lomo by exposureempire.com

Free Lomo Photoshop Action

The Mini Collection by filtergrade.com

The Mini Collection – Free Photoshop Actions

HDR Photoshop Action by photographypla.net

Free HDR Photoshop Action

High Contrast Black & White by shutterpulse.com

Free High Contrast Black & White Photoshop Action

Retro Cross by exposureschool.com

Retro Cross: Free Photoshop Action

‘Marshmallow’ by kayleighjune

'Marshmallow' Photoshop Action by Kayleigh June

Silver by photographypla.net

Free Photoshop Action: Silver

Skin Retouching actions by brusheezy

5 Skin Retouching Actions

Aged Black & White by exposureschool.com

Aged Black & White: Free Photoshop Action

Retro by brusheezy

Retro Action For AP

Boldness by exposureschool.com

Boldness: Free Photoshop Action

Film Effect by loadedlandscapes.com

Free Film Effect Photoshop Action

Faux HDR by photographypla.net

Free Faux HDR Photoshop Action

Various effects by meganjoy

Photoshop Various effects

Amatorka Action 2 by amatorka

Amatorka Action 2

Warfield by ftpics

Warfield Photoshop Action

Ice by presetkingdom.com

Free Ice Photoshop Action

Pretty Lady by brusheezy

Pretty Lady Photoshop Actions

Action pack #10 by saturn-rings

Photoshop Action 10

Action pack #1 by saturn-rings

Photoshop Action 1

Cinema Photoshop Action by photographypla.net

Free Cinema Photoshop Action

Cross Processed by loadedlandscapes.com

Free Cross Processed Photoshop Action

Teeth Whitening by modernactions

action 056 'Teeth Whitening'

Spring Fever by carpesav

Spring Fever-Photoshop Action

Soft Pink by leafbreeze7

Soft Pink Action

Halftone by creativetacos

Free Halftone Photo Effect Photoshop Action

Cold Nightmare by exposureschool.com

Cold Nightmare: Free Photoshop Action

Purple wonderland by bokehlie

Purple wonderland action

Photoshop Action 2 by saturn-rings

Photoshop Action 2

Cross-Processing ATN by mutato-nomine

Cross-Processing ATN

50 Photoshop Postwork Actions by manicho

50 Photoshop Postwork Actions

Portrait Actions I by ver00nika

Portrait Actions I

Actions Clyck by muffim-clyck

Actions Clyck

Cool photo effect action by Numizmat

Cool photo effect action

Dazzle Effects by dazzle-textures

Dazzle Effects

Enhancing skin color by mermes

Enhancing skin color

Eye Color by Jean31

Eye Color

Kalifbanane – Cross Coloring by KalifBanane

Kalifbanane - Cross Coloring

Lovely Action by orangetopatos

Lovely Action

Pack Actions 01 by darviana

Pack Actions 01

Photo Coloring 11 by iconmaker91

Photo Coloring 11

Photo Coloring 11.2 by iconmaker91

Photo Coloring 11.2

Photoshop Action Set o1 by lustdrunk

Photoshop Action Set o1

Photoshop Action Set o3 by lustdrunk

Photoshop Action Set o3

Photoshop Action: Diabolic by davidnanchin

Photoshop Action: Diabolic

Photoshop Action: Dim and Jade by davidnanchin

Photoshop Action: Dim and Jade

Rather Large Set of Actions by rocketlaunch

Rather Large Set of Actions

Skin Smoothing by Jean31

Skin Smoothing

Wedding Enhancers Kit by Karl

Wedding Enhancers Kit

Split toning by paranoidstock

Split toning

Retro-Vintage by rocketlaunch


5 Black and White PS actions by cat-woman-amy

5 Black and White PS actions

Black white sepia PS action by rosalindharrison

Black white sepia PS action

Handcolored vintage photo by Jenny W

Action includes: Ageing; Colour; Cracks; Bending and as a bonus Old Paper Style.

Handcolored vintage photo

TackIt! Mini by finessefx

This handy little effect has plenty of customization options, including the width of the picture border, the amount of shadow for both the photo and tack, and the color of the tack.

TackIt! Mini

HolgaRoid Generator BW by rawimage

HolgaRoid Generator BW

Old Parchment by finessefx

Photoshop action that gives paper with tears, yellowed edges and other artifacts.

Old Parchment

Page Curl by pstutorialsblog

Page Curl

Vintage Photo by mutato-nomine

Vintage Photo

Photo Aging by mutato-nomine

Photo Aging

Photographers Toolkit 1 by WallStorm

Photographers Toolkit 1

Polaroid Generator by rawimage

Polaroid Generator

Cinematic Effect by orangeycow

Cinematic Effect

Comics Photoshop action by mutato-nomine

Comics Photoshop action

Double sketch effect action for Photoshop by Emanuele Feronato

Double sketch effect action for Photoshop

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